Katherine Gillieson: Systems of Design Research and Practice

The Master of Design program welcomes Katherine Gillieson for a public lecture and a 2-day workshop.

Katherine Gillieson is an Associate Professor of Communication Design at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver. Her research and writing focuses on information and book design, including investigations into the many ways in which design can help to clarify the ‘fuzzy messes’ embodied by environmental issues such as climate change and energy consumption.

Katherine is also exploring how mapping and diagrammatic representation can depict different conceptions of space as well as affective and qualitative information. Her PhD, completed in 2008 at the Department of Typography at the University of Reading, UK, focuses on meaning in graphic language, mainly in book design and diagrammatic representation.


Remapping Keele Campus
Thursday Nov 6, 12:30 pm
Friday Nov 7,  10:00 am 

This is an exploratory workshop in which participants are challenged to survey and re-present a distinct space, that of the main York University campus. Inspired by approaches in agile design and the psychogeographic concept of dérive, participants are invited to explore, record and assess any aspect of the material and ambient identity of the campus geography (in teams if they wish). The goal is to achieve a speculative re-thinking and restructuring of the space, in addition to simply re-presenting it in graphic form; how is the campus presently working? How can it be rethought, re-envisioned, and improved

Public Talk
Systems of design in research and practice
Wednesday November 6
7:00 pm
Location TBA

This lecture will be an overview of Professor Gillieson’s  work and research puts a particular emphasis on two recent project spaces. One of these is information design for the environment, in which she will briefly discuss relevant classroom projects and research. The second is mapping and diagramming as an exercise in meta-design, in the context of design education.


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